Resco MobileCRM – Adding a Digital Signature to Forms

In previous posts I have walked through working with Resco Mobile CRM and the Woodford app’ to create mobile projects and design forms (see: During a recent project I was asked if we could enable the use of digital signature capture for users in the field. Happily this is a feature that can easily be pushed to my client’s devices using Resco Mobile CRM.

The quality of the signature captured will largely depend on your device(s), i.e. if your device has a stylus this will greatly improve the ability to capture a decent signature, even though you can use a finger for a touch interface or a mouse for the Resco application on a laptop etc. – but whatever you capture can be fed back into CRM regardless. If you are online or offline (sync’ required for offline use).

The functionality could be useful for a multitude of scenarios in the field, such as Sales Opportunities, Application Forms, Delivery Confirmation or Approvals to name but a few.

Here is a short walk-through for adding the signature functionality to an entity:

Step 1 – Load your Mobile Project

Navigate to your CRM instance and then go to Settings > Woodford > MobileCRM Woodford, the Silverlight application will launch. Go to “Mobile Projects” in the left hand navigation areas and open your project, (if you need to know how to set up a project in Woodford check out my earlier post here

Once you have opened your mobile project navigate to entities and click to expand the entity you will be working with.


Step 2 – Form Design

Once you have selected your entity click to expand the list and click “Forms”, from the main navigation area open your “Edit Form”, (if you do not have an edit form and want to create one see my earlier post on designing a form, the link is at the top of the page).

In the form designer once you have the fields and list views you need for your entity, navigate to the “Add Media” option in the toolbar.


In the “Add Media” pop-out menu you will be able to select “Signature” from the options, once you have added a “Name” and selected the required media to be captured you will be able to assign “Statuses” that require a signature if that is what suits your scenario (this could be useful for an approval for example, the user would need to add a signature in order to move the record to “Approved”), and set the “Subject” line to be included when the media is committed.

Note: There are a number of actions available in the Add Media menu, such as; capture photo, select photo, select file, record audio and record video. You can add multiple media tabs to your form, so you can have a tab for signature capture and another for photo capture for example.


Click “OK” to confirm. Your media tab will then be added to the form design, if you need to update or edit all you need to do is double-click the tab, in this case “Capture Signature”.


The next thing you will need to do is “Save” or “Save and Close” your form to commit your changes. Once back in the project screen make sure to validate then publish your project.

Step 3 – Test Your Signature Tab

Now you have added your media tab and selected the signature option you will want to test your changes, to do so launch the Resco MobileCRM application from your device, make sure you synchronise (this may take a few seconds) and go online.


Once you have synchronised the app’ navigate to your entity and either open a record or create a new record, make sure all required fields are completed and click your new “media tab” – in this example I called mine “Capture Signature”.

Simply write on the screen with your chosen implement, (or finger) and click save. Depending on your sync’ settings you may need to re-sync’ with CRM for your changes to be committed.


You can check the results in CRM, if the data from your device has been synchronised with CRM then navigate to your record in your chosen UX, be it web-based or Outlook, and click on the “notes” option in the Conversations Tab – and there is your signature!


I hope this was useful, if you need any further information on using Resco check out the Woodford Guide or speak to the helpful folks at – happy CRM’ing.


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